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Fire Truck Flatbed quick response fire truck body

Highway Products Quick Response Fire Truck Flatbeds

Engineered for Rough Terrain


Custom Built Fire Trucks by Highway Products



Why Highway Products

12 great reasons!

1. We give you the opportunity to outfit your fire truck the way it works for you. Some options can only be added while the body is in production. Like this under-bed hose storage (shown at right). Place your cursor over the picture to see.


2. Traveling off-road to get to the hot spots puts these incredible rigs in trouble situations.

Twisting the truck frame and flatbed are a given.

This means: No skimping allowed on understructure. Our Strongback™ flatbeds are engineered to "Withstand the Beating".

T-6061 aluminum alloy SAE structurally proven and designed extrusions are standard material demanded by our engineering staff. The outside channel beams are six inch T6061 aluminum with 4"inch cross members welded every 12" inches. No rivets to pop loose on a side-hill here.

3. Just as you can pick the perfect flatbed, you can also pick the type of pump system from the manufacturer you like. Some fire companies, with in-house mechanics, prefer to build their own. Most will purchase a "slip-on" unit which has a water tank-pump combination that can simply be slipped on your truck bed. Notice the spare tire racks on top of these well thought out fire trucks.




4. Not only can we build flatbeds to your spec, "Highway Products is the largest manufacture of custom truck tool boxes on the planet."

Optimum storage solutions is our business. Building semi truck tool boxes was our beginning and is the base of our manufacturing. We guarantee ours for as long as you own it.


5. Hinges are the back-bone of any tool box. As you can see, we don't skimp here either.

Stainless Steel is standard and we don't use rivets to fasten them. Stainless Steel Torx® screws are as tough as it gets. Plus, just in case of damage, you can replace the hinge or door yourself without having some fancy rivet gun.

Tee handle lock from Highway Products used on Fire trucks.

Tee handle - Lock

6. Your choice of locks. The most common is our Tee Lock. The same lock we use on our semi truck tool boxes. We also have the D-ring style preferred by some fire fighters. The D-ring style lock is easier to open with gloves on. Regardless of the style you choose, your compartments will all be keyed alike. Or, we can key one separate for special reasons.

Fire trucks D-ring locks from Highway Products.

D - ring Lock





7. Lots of accessories to choose from.. Receiver hitches, 5th wheel and goose-neck hitches, tie-down eyes, tie-down winches, baskets, tool boxes, stake pockets, LED lights packages, backup alarms, backup cameras and sensors and....Take a look at our flatbed web page where you'll see some of the other beds we manufacture. Click on the picture (right) to see more.  


8. Need installation? What's better than having your flatbed installed at the factory. Highway Products is registered with the (USDOT) U.S. Department of Transportation & National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a final stage manufacturer. We are also an approved drop-ship facility for all the major truck brands.  



9. Ship's to your door. Many of our flatbeds can be shipped via common carrier truck. This 9 foot bed easily ships in one package. The headboard, tail board, and tool boxes (if ordered) have been pre-drilled and assmebled for your convience. Ready to bolt together.

Regardless of size, we can ship this package to your door or your favorite up-fitter.

10. Carry more water.
Highway Products Strongback™ is 100% aluminum.
11. Service - Repeat customers are our biggest asset. We know getting an order from you the second time depends on how well we perform the first time.   Quick Response Fire Trucks for wildland fires by Highway Products, Inc.
12.Want to know about Warranty? - Warranties are only as good as any company wants them to be. We don't have a one year limited or any of the fancy small print to send you. Our simple warranty is, if something breaks, we fix it.    
The plan...

Call today and ask our sales staff the best way to get started. He'll help you get a ball park price and trade some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Even if you're six months, or even a year out, it's best to start early and gives you time to think about your needs.

When it's time, we'll be miles ahead with your dimensions and options on paper so you can see what it looks like, maybe make a few changes.

We'll send you a final print and if it looks good, off we go with a production date for the best fire truck body you designed on the planet.

  Bush Truck Fire Engines  

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