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Headache Racks & Cab guards for the Back of your Pickup Truck!

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Back rack head ache rack for pickup truck cab protection
headache rack for pickup trucks cab protector

Take a closer look at the new honeycomb design! This model headache rack comes in polished aluminum.

All our new honeycomb styles are available with the same options as our original headache racks.

We know you'll love your Highway Products headache rack. Moneyback guaranteed!

pickup truck headache rack back rack for cab protection

New! Leopard SkinPat.Pend Headache Rack.

Looking for something "Special" for the back of your truck?

This powder coated headache rack says "Special" all over it! Gives your truck a rich look your buddies will be jealous of, plus it gives your pickup cab protection.


Like Shiny? Chrome Finish in Polished Aluminum ?Another Exciting Model!  "Heavy Duty"   Polished aluminum headache rack with a "high performance" mirrored finish in our "new" grill style. You know this will turn heads. Of course, it comes with a Lifetime Warranty!    

Back Rack for Pickup Trucks

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Built For Work - Designed to Look Good!
Highway Products headache racks do both, no problem.

  Cab Rack Headache Rack for Pickups  

Check out these high-powered features!

(1) Let's start with looks. So many pickup trucks you see these days look alike. When you do see one that looks different, you take notice, right? Want your pickup truck to look different too? A bold look of distinction and power? The Silverback™ headache racks will do just that and give your truck unmatched style as well!  

(2) Protect your rear window. How many times have you seen or heard about someone breaking their rear window by throwing firewood in the back. The Silverback headache rack prevents rear window damage. Note: we also leave you enough room to get behind it for cleaning your rear window.

(3) Keep cool. We have to fess up on this one. We didn't build it intentionally to keep the sun out but we noticed very quickly that the grill design of the Silverback headache rack kept the cab of our truck cooler by reflecting the suns rays. Your upholstery will also benefit from the UV protection. Two grill styles to choose from!

(4) While we're talking about the headache rack grill design. We designed the grill so it would keep most anything from getting through it plus keep the rear vision acceptable. In fact, you can see out but outsiders cannot see in! How does this effect your rear vision? Good question. It's just like sitting on a screened in porch. After a few minutes you don't see the screen anymore. It's the same way with both our Silverback grills.

(5) Here's a Bonus - Ever get blinded while driving at night by the car behind you with their high beams on? Our deluxe Silverback headache rack grill deflects that light too!


New Honey Comb Grill comes Standard with Most Headache Racks !

back rack grill
truck cab rack with light and antena brackets

(6) Safety: Our new LED lighted version of the Silverback headache rack decreases the chances of you being rear ended. When you hit the brakes they will know instantly! You are stopping or turning. That's right! These LED lights also blink for turn signals. We use these same lights on our semi truck cab guards. They're tough, sealed beam, and light up like a Christmas tree when you stop or turn. We think this king size safety feature is a must have item ourselves.

headache racks for pickup trucks
back rack with LED light

(7) Options: Need a way to display a "wide load" sign, warning lights, or flags? We can supply brackets on our headache racks for any sign, beacon, flags and lights. If we don't already have it, not a problem, we'll make it just for you.


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Headache rack black powder coated

Add "Power Looks" to your truck with a powder coat upgrade.

Pickup truck headache rack built by Highway Products.

(8) New! Our best selling heavy gauge aluminum headache rack is available with an (optional) tray that spans between the uprights. It's perfect for a jack, some chain, or rope. Keep those awkward items out of you cab or tool box.  When you have a tool box, headache rack combination, the tray is hidden. Out of site, out of mind. You'll absolutely love this unique option!

back rack cab guard
cab guard rack for trucks
  Pickup truck headache rack by Highway Products gives your truck great looks and protects your rear window.
Toyota Tundra

(9) The new Highway Products Silverback   headache racks display cool, elegantly machined and polished uprights with a reinforced, wave pattern grill that simply has to be seen to be fully appreciated. The embossed aluminum nameplate completes the package with the sign of "Highway Products." This means, "Outstanding Craftsmanship."

(10) All Highway Products pickup tool boxes and headache racks are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

(11) Made in the U.S.A.   All our products are made in America. Always will be. Gene Gros - President Highway Products, Inc.    

We've had customers tell us they've been followed for miles by strangers to ask where they could get one of those great looking headache racks!

By far our most popular is our headache rack with lights for those who really want the people behind them to get the signal. And without lights for those who want great looks and function. Also available in powder coat.

cab rack head rack for pickup truck


Experienced sales staff are standing by to give you prices and answers to your questions.
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New! Our customers asked for it so we made it. We offer an open style headache rack with no grill. It works great with rear windows that open and some of us just don't want a grill.

Pickup truck headache rack built by Highway Products.
This headache rack has (optional) powder coated diamond plate uprights. Want some flood lights to go with this package? Ask our Sales Staff to add some Hella lights. They come with switches, wire, and can be turned to the front, back, or sideways. Like icing on the cake.

Give your truck a beefy, distinguished look of perfection, rear window protection, and keep your cab cooler with a Highway Products headache rack!



Experienced sales staff are standing by to give you prices and answers to your questions.
Call 1 800 TOOLBOX (1 800 866 5269)     7am - 7pm PST

This picture shows a how tough our headache racks really are.

We don't recommend that you try this at home, but our customer said the headache rack prevented a lot of damage to his truck. He still has the same headache rack too.

  Since 1980, Highway Products has built it's reputation from manufacturing heavy gauge aluminum products for the semi truck industry. At our customers request, we've carried that foundation over to all our products. Plus, to help you feel comfortable buying from us, we give you a lifetime warranty to go with it. You really don't need a warranty when you buy Highway Products because if it's not preforming to your standard or there's a problem, we simply fix it. We know a happy customer is a return customer.  


Give us a call and someone will answer the phone. Not a machine but a real person who knows our products and your truck. He will help you get the best products you can buy, and the right size to start with. After hours, or weekends. No problem, we have an after hours phone too. See Below.

There's more! Take a look at these Custom Built Units.

We Call It the "Double X" Headache Rack.
Because it's actually two headache racks in one!
Pickup truck headache rack or cab guard made from 100% aluminum.


Pickup truck headache rack built by Highway Products.


It's really one of our Super Duty "Ring" style racks we use on our semi-truck cab guards with our standard style headache rack welded over it.

Virtually two headache racks built into one, this powerhouse headache rack not only adds a ton of strength for rollover protection, it gives the rugged yet high performance look of our standard headache racks favored among pickup re-stylers.

Shown is a black powder-coated model but it's also available in a number of other finishes.

Including, different colors, mill finish aluminum, unpainted and polished aluminum diamond plate, bed-liner spray-on, or the ultimate, mirror finish polished stainless steel covers. Top if off with LED lights for stop and turn signals, KC or Hella flood lights!


Professional Products for Professional People.

Add light bars, flags, trays, and tie-down eyes, to this Serious Duty unit.

Plus, add "One of a kind" character to your truck! Mix and match options and finishes to fit your needs.

Or, come up with your own headache rack to set you apart from your buddies trucks. YOU KNOW THEY WILL BE JEALOUS.


Aluminum headache rack for pickup trucks built by Highway Products, Inc.

Experienced sales staff are standing by to give you prices and answers to your questions.
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Pickup truck headache rack built by Highway Products.   Pickup truck headache rack built by Highway Products.


Super Duty "Ring" Style Headache Rack

This is our high capacity "Ring" Style headache rack we make for contractors and pickup owners that demand extra high strength to get the job done.

The extruded aluminum channel has no welds to break around the ( 4 inch ) structural ring and is fully gusseted at the bottom joints. This is the same style of ring we use on our semi-truck cab protectors, so you know it's "Ready to rumble !"

Add light bar mounts, flag mounts, powder coatings (choice of colors) LED stop and turn lights, tie down brackets, and wide lode sign brackets to put this unit to work.

Take a look at our semi truck cab guards to get a feeling for this hard-core unit.


"The Double XX"

Our lead welder, Dennis Larson, (above) proudly stands in front of a headache rack he built that looks like our standard headache rack except there's something special about it...


Want to see a larger picture of the new "Double XX"? Click on Dennis's picture.

Pickup truck rack built by Highway Products. TAKE A LOOK  


Super Duty Truck Rack

by Highway Products

If you're looking for a truck rack for your pickup, you won't find one much tougher or nicer looking.

These units are made of structural engineered extruded T6 channel, force-bent to dimensions. This means there is no welds at the the top corners of the rack; the area where most racks fail.
Comes standard with (10) aluminum tie-down eyes located in strategic areas. Plus, it can also be customized with other types of brackets for lights, ladders, rope hooks, or.....

Just tell us what you need. We'll do the rest.


When you call to order, don't forget to ask about out warranty. It's the best part!

  Note: The "Ring" and "Double XX" headache racks are made according to the finish of your choice. Please call our sales staff to order. If you're looking for tough, these are the toughest aluminum headache racks you will find on the planet.  

Experienced sales staff are standing by to give you prices and answers to your questions.
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Think you were done? Not Yet.



The "Highwayman" Tiara

Pickup truck headache rack built by Highway Products.   Pickup truck headache rack built by Highway Products.

Looking for a Thoroughbred? This one of a kind "Highwayman" tiara headache rack fits the bill.

This sexy unit is definitely not for the faint at heart. Our "Highwayman" tiara has superior written all over it. 100% all aluminum, painted to match your pickup, with an LED light package that demands semi truck attention. These units are fashioned after the tiara's on our famous "Highwayman" RV tow bodies. They give your pickup a look of distinction and when you hit the brakes or turn signals, the LED light package will broadcast the message to all vehicles in the rear.

These top of the line headache racks are built by our best fabricators, welded by our best welders, and painted by our custom painters. All edges are sanded smooth and attention to detail is extreme. Tell one of our sales staff you want a "Highwayman" tirara headache rack for your pickup, because you want one. These units have to be made to fit, and painted to match, so please allow a 2-3 weeks to ship.

Our Friendly Sales Staff are Ready to Assist you. They know our products and they know your truck. They will make sure you get what you want, that fits the first time.
Got Questions? Need Something Special? Ready to Order? Call Toll Free 1 800 866 5269.

Our Friendly Sales Staff are Ready to Assist you.
Got Questions? Need Something Special? Ready to Order? Call Toll Free 1 800 866 5269.

Call 1 800 TOOLBOX (1 800 866 5269) m-f 7am-5pm PST

Need info after hours? No problem, we have a salesman on duty weekdays and weekends till 7pm PST






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