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It's no fun crawling in the back of your pickup

Truck Cargo Slides for Pickup Trucks


Or reaching over the side to get a 5-gallon bucket of paint, tool box, groceries, or...
Not that it's heavy, it's awkward.

Especially if you have a camper shell or tonneau cover.

So here's the perfect example.

With a Truck
Siideeverything easily rolls out to where it can be reached!

truckslide cargo tray for pickup trucks

A TruckSlide™ simply makes your life easier with less cause of injury.

Bedslide, Cargo Slide

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Three Models to fit your lifestyle.

1200 XT - TruckSlide™ "Most Popular!" Designed for the average duty user carrying golf clubs, lawn fertilizer, hay, dog food, etc. But will still easily handle a washer-dryer, or a cord of wood. Handles most contractor needs.

2000 XT - TruckSlide™ Built for the demanding contractor needing durability. Equiped with our 10 gauge galvanized TeeBone™ track system. Rated to handle 2,000 pounds every day - all day.

4,000 XT - TruckSlide™ Has our 2X track system for industrial strength to handle the extra loads found in railroad, ship yards, and oil fields.

We stock models to fit most trucks with special order and sizes on request.


Every TruckSlide is weight tested before it leaves our plant.
Heavy gauge Aluminum trays are standard. This is the same material we use on our semi truck underbody tarp and chain boxes and our aluminum boats. But underneath lies the secret to it's strength: The tray glides on our patented galvanized steel, Tee-Bone™ track system, with high impact, and sealed roller bearings. 1/8th thickness on XT 1200 and 2000. 3/16 on XT4000.


Safety locks every 10 inches of travel slam into position with our dual Stab Lock™ mechanism. This allows you to pull the bed out only as far as you need it. Let go of the handle and It automatically locks in the next position. Made in USA

Need to haul some sack-crete?

Absolutely NO PLASTIC

cargo slide  

Bed extender for pickups built by Highway Products.

Our rugged Tee Bone™ track system.

truckslide - cargo trayslide out platform

Debby uses an XT1200 for company supplies. Potted plants, and groceries are common items she buys. "These supplies are so heavy, I love this thing!"

Pull the TruckSlide™ all the way out or part way, locks in at 10” increments.

gorilla slide

"I like it!"

Liz Gros, our Purchasing Manager, uses the TruckSlide to pick up parts for Highway Products. "I take our truck to town several times a week to get supplies for the shop. Some of these items are heavy. I like it!"

TruckSlide™ for business adds organization = time savings = less back injuries = a good spend.


Like having an extra pair of hands. TruckSlide™ not only works great on the job.Take the family on a camping trip with coolers, tents, and chairs.

The TruckSlidebecomes a big part of your home and family too.

s a handy

Uses for the TruckSlide™ are endless.

We built the TruckSlide™ for hard working people that need organization.

A phone call is all it takes to fix that.




Got a tonneau cover?




The benefits are obvious.

With a TruckSlide™ everything rolls out to where you can get it. You save your knees and your back from awkward lifting positions, it's also safer because you're not jumping out of your truck bed.



"My back ain't what it used to be!"

Steve Henry, is a local electrician. Steve says, "You should have seen the back of my truck before I bought a TruckSlide."

Don’t hurt your back or your knees. Put a TruckSlide™ to work.

jotto slide


Have an Avalanche, Escalade, or Suburban? We make sizes for all vehicles and are happy to custom build units just for you.


The TruckSlide is a great addition to these unique SUV's.

cargo tray

truck bed extension


XT 4000 TruckSlide™


truckslide, cargo slide

XT 4000 TruckSlide™

  It was unpractical for Chris to unpack his whole truck to show that one tool located in the front.

Our customer, Chris, sells high tech rescue equipment to fire and rescue departments.

He also carry's a generator (placed on the back), boxes of tools, 5 gallon containers of fluids, and extra parts for the rescue equipment he sells.
Carrying in the neighborhood of #2500 pounds, it was unpractical for Chris to unpack his whole truck to show that one piece of equipment. Seemingly always located in the front.


truckslide, cargo carrier, cargo slide, gorrilla slide

Not only did chris have an F-350 pickup, he also had to put helper air bags on his truck to handle the load.


cargo slide, truckslide, gorilla slide

Doesn't' look like there's much room left, does it?


cargo slide, platform slide, truckslide

Bottom shot of the 2X track system on our XT4000 TruckSlide™


Dear Customer,

As you can see, Highway Products builds only the highest quality products. They're all made in the USA and we stand behind them 100%.

Our secret to success, build them the American way.

Gene Gros

Highway Products, Inc.

Constant testing and inspections assures our commitment to you and our products.

Every TruckSlide™ passes through three inspections before each is physically stress tested with "Big Bertha".


TruckSlide™ being stress tested at each lock position (every 10 inches) until it reaches it's full extension.

Carry even more cargo!

Sliding cargo tray for pickup trucks works great for tonnea and camper shells. Built by Highway Prouducts, Inc.


Our popular "High-Sides" option gives you even more versatility by adding a valuable 15 inches of extra load carrying capacity to your new TruckSlide™.





Spare Tire Tray

Here's an option you can use to carry a spare tire or have a second level to carry more goodies. This tray measures 49 inch x 37 inch front to rear and can be positioned to the rear or the front of the bed.

You can also add this tray to the "High-Sides" option to get the most out of your storage system.

Got some ideas of your own? We can do that too!

Highway Products means custom built products.

Truck cargo sliding trays by Highway Products, Inc.


Truck bed Caro tray by Highway Products, Inc.  

Surveyor Pack

(Left) This picture shows a custom built TruckSlide™ for our surveyor customers. We call it our "Surveyor Pack". It's built to hold tripods, stakes, and other tool of their trade.

We can also personalize your TruckSlide™ with compartments to fit your needs.

Click on picture to see our Surveyor Pack.


Custom Built Enclosed Storage Drawer

(left) Another example of a custom Enclosed Slide-Out Storage Drawer™ built to our customer specs.

He asked for our "Storage Drawer" with dividers and enclosed for security with our Tee Lock system.


Our computerized IQ (inventory control system) automatically issues a new work order to the shop floor when we get to a predetermined minimum quantity. This gives our sales team the advantage of having our most popular items always in stock or in production for fast shipment.


We know you will love the TrckSlide™ Because for years we've used it ourselves here at Highway Products.
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