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Aluminum Stake Body - Highway Products

Aluminum Truck Flatbeds don't rust, carry more cargo, and look great even when dirty. Plus, add fuel and tire mileage because they don't outweigh your truck..


You choose the truck. We'll build the flatbed or stake body on a GMC, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Freightliner, Peterbuilt, Kenworth, International or...
Beyond it's sharp looks, the Strongback™ features All Marine Grade Aluminum construction starting with a frame made of 6" structural T6 extruded aluminum "C" channel side rails.

Aluminum Truck Flatbeds

Add some pizazz to your rig with our "Leopard Skin" Strongback Flatbed


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Since 1980, we've made them for farmers, ranchers, bee keepers, contractors, electricians, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Government, fire fighters, rodeo cowboys, loggers, long haul truckers, 5th wheelers, tire carriers, portable welders, Hollywood movie makers, steel erectors... We've made a few.

  1. Why do they last? T6 aluminum SAE structural beams with cross members every 12 inches.

(Please read) "Our flatbeds also come standard with long sills." These are the lengthwise aluminum channels (seen below) used to attach out flatbed to your truck frame. These can be different heights for tire clearance. (A crtitcal feature we ask about) Other brands do not include this expensive item you will have to come up with yourself.

(Another fact) Highway Products DOES NOT count the head board as part of the bed length as most manufacturers do. You could lose 2-6 inches by counting the headboard as part of the length. We call the length as the usable space. No cheating here.

The rubber hits the road right here! Take a look at the under-structure!

Flatbed truck body frame Aluminum Truck body construction  

Aluminum Flatbed under construction at Highway Products

Roticiary allows welder complete acess to underbody.

Contractor Flatbed body truck bed

Standard unit equiped with lumber rack, underbody boxes, and topside "Contractor Model" tool boxes. Ford F-350


Platform truck body

Flat black powdercoat with underbody and top-side boxes. Stailnless doors, cab-over tire rack, and large fuel tank.

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Aluminum Dump body   truck Flatbed with Dump.


Aluminum Flatbed with Dump.

Need a Dump Bed?

All Strongback™ flatbeds built to withstand dump-bed stress.

All we need to do is add hydraulics.



Diesel Brothers Truck Bodiy - Highway Products

Diesel Brothers Custom Build for SEMA 2019




Aluminum truck flatbeds and stake bodies built by Highway Products,

This Dodge pickup was custom built for Erickson Air Crane's helicopter support team that travels the world constructing towers, sky scrappers, lifting logs, and equipment. It's outfitted with a Highway Products 9 foot aluminum Strongback™ flatbed, 18x18x24 tool boxes, a hidden goose-neck ball hitch, and dual spare tire racks. Erickson Aircrane has four trucks outfitted with Highway Products flatbeds.

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Highway Products Liftime Products

We stand behind our products for the long haul.

  Mitsubishi Fuso truck aluminum flatbed by Highway Products.  
  Newly introduced Mitsubishi Fuso 4x4 Truck. This custom aluminum flatbed was designed just for the Fuso and is large enough to carry four pallets of cargo with a huge storage box to keep your expensive tools dry and safe. A bonus basket on top of the tool box works great for shovels, other tools, loose sacks of grain, etc. However, like all our products, this aluminum flatbed can be customized to your liking.  

Aluminum Stake Body - Highway Products

A huge back-pack cross box to carry cargo needing lock and key security. Can be divided, drawers added, shelves.....


Aluminum Flatbed by Highway Products

Don't need a back-pack box? Custom build units add efficiency and save time by serving your needs.

Special built aluminum flatbeds by Highway Producs


Bonus baskets are handy for throwing shovels and tools you don't want to clutter up the storage box with. This space can be covered with a locking lid, a larger box, or ...


Custom built aluminum flatbed truck body

Carry four 42" pallets of cargo with room to spare.

Ready for a price quote on a custom unit built just for you?
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5th Wheel truck body

Highway Products Aluminum Flatbeds are perfect for pulling horse trailers.



Aluminum truck body

Strongback™ aluminum truck flatbed/ stake body with our "improved view" cab guard, stainless steel side rails, running boards, and tool box doors on a one-ton Chevy body.


This is the second custom Strongback™ flatbed Don and Judy Lange have purchased at Highway Products, Inc. They did things a little different this time with a bigger, more powerful, 4x4 Pete to pull their horse/camp trailer where-ever they so desired, in style.

Semi truck flatbed dromadary decks

  Highway Products built this "Strongback™" aluminum flatbed to meet their specs by emailing blue prints to them at their home in Oregon. Once they were happy with the prints, we built their custom flatbed and had it ready to install when they arrived at our plant. The following day they were on their way home to pack up the horses and take off to never-never land. This is their second Highway Products flatbed.  
Semi truck decks   Semi truck decks


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Aluminum truck flatbeds by Highway Products

This medium duty truck looks good and is ready to rumble. It was ordered with air ride, tool boxes, a goose neck, and a receiver style hitch.


Highway Products built this truck for some hard working men who need a truck built for their work with dependable workmanship. See Highway Products web site for more.

Custom features like this cross-bed tool box add-on opens the door to a secure location for specialty tools that need a special place to stay on this Ford F-350.



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Highway Products all aluminum truck flatbeds have style built into rough and ready truck bodies. Take a look or call 1 800 TOOLBOX for a quote.

Above aluminum truck flatbed/ stake body sitting on a one-ton F-350 Ford single wheel rear axle w/ 22" custom wheels.

Who says you need dually's to look good.


F250 Ford truck with Highway Products aluminum flatbed.

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Truck Flatbeds for Gooseneck trailers by Highway Products

"Shelter Cove" Resort and Marina from Odell Lake in Cresent, Oregon liked their last Highway Products flatbed so much, they bought another one just like it. Repeat business is the best testimonial a company can get.


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Wild-land Firefighter Bodies for Medium and Heavy Trucks

We Install or Ship to Your Installer

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Wildland Fire Truck bodies for fighting off road fires by Highway Products.Wildland fire fighting unit built by Highway Products.

Off road fire fighting flatbed with tool boxes built by Highway Products.

Search for Highway Products to see more wildland fire fighting flatbeds.

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Highway Products has many options for aluminum truck flatbeds

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Fire hose compartment


Truck Flatbed to fit RV camper
Flatbed with tool boxes and camper.





Firefighter trucks for offroadBrush truck with spare tire box on the top and drawers in the side boxes. Order it the way you want it.

Offroad fire fighter bodies

Solid construction of "Strongback" flatbeds make sense for quick response off-road bush trucks fighting fires.

Add boxes designed for your situation.

Quotes usually same day!

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Our "Bush Fire" firefighter model aluminum truck flatbeds are light weight to allow your trucks to be legal (weight wise) and maybe carry more of the most valuable cargo you have, water.

.Got an upfitter you already use? We'll work with them if you like. Install your own? We'll give you free tech support.

Highway Products logo

Bee Keeper platform body by Highway Products

Custom build for bee-keepers. Tie-down cleats every 8 inches.


Winch bumper by Highway Products - Call 1-800-TOOLBOX


Winch bumper with our "Gladiator" style sideboards.


Custom build to carry horses. 500 gallon water tank and a cab-over rack for of hay.
Aluminum platform bodies by Highway Products
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Aluminum tire carrier body. Beefy uprights added to support a lift gate.
Highway Products built this aluminum truck flatbed to haul tires. Notice the size of the upright  posts.

Built for hauling tires, this Highway Products truck flatbed wiill haul anything you can put in it. Built like a tank.

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  Aluminum Tire Carriers for trucks  


Accessory Pictures :

Highway Products is all about accessories that make your flatbed perform for you.

With your help we'll design and build the flatbed that does just that.
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Contractors Aluminum Truck Flatbeds

The "Contractor" aluminum truck flatbed on Ford F-350

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Contractor model aluminum flatbeds by Highway Products Add custom boxes, skirts, tanks, or hitches to make your truck perform to it's peak.

Easy Fuel fill on truck flatbeds by Highway Products

"Fast Fill" fuel filler located above bed in headboard for easy, fast, fill - Our favorite and standard on most flatbeds.

Fuel tanks for flatbeds trucks by Highway Products

Urea System (Blue Cap)

We can also raise the new Urea System filler neck to the cab guard where it's protected and out of the way, yet easy to fill.



Gooseneck hidden ball by Highway Products

Hide-away 2- 5/16" Goose neck hitch - mounted on 1/2" steel plate w/ super strong safety chain D-rings.
You'll be wasting your time trying to find any manufacture that uses 1/2" steel plate to mount your gooseneck ball or 5th wheel hitch. This plate spans your truck frame and is grade 8 bolted. Clearly the strongest part of your truck.


Gooseneck and 5th wheel flatbed decks

5th wheel hitches up to 30k- removable

Air Compressor in a box for flatbeds trucks

Air Compressor Toolbox - (Door taken off for picture)
Built for medium duty service work on equipment needing a good air supply to run larger air tools and pump up tractor tires in good time. Viair electric air compressors do the job with an eight gallon tank which can also supply an air ride truck suspension system. Room for air hose and air tools - under lock and key.

Aluminum Flatbed built by Highway Products, Inc.   Factory backup sensors and cameras. We can supply brackets for your factory sensors to fit Strongback™ flatbeds or when installed at our factory.

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Highway Products has a variety of light package options we offer. Or send us yours.

LED Lights standard - trailer plugs


flatbed stake truck bodies

2 x 4 Stake Pockets

Stake pockets are sized to accept 2x4's. Allows you to build your own sides or build what you need to haul something unusual. Some just like wood sides. Highway Products gives you a choice.


Highway Products has many ways to go with their aluminum truck flatbeds. See their web site for more.

Polished stainless steel side rails - for the man that wants extra.

Fifthwheel hitches in flatbed truck

Air- ride hitches - smooth ride- easier on your trailer.

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Highway Products aluminum truck flatbeds have many options to see.

Extra strong receiver hitches

Highway Products sell and installs air ride systems for trucks. See more at

Air-ride suspensions - front and rear 2x2  &  4x4

Aside from the smooth ride, it automatically adjusts your truck suspension to the load. So your truck doesn't sag in the rear. Might save you a ticket.

Air Ride systems installed at Highway Products, Inc -
Air Ride systems installed at Highway Products, Inc. -


This picture shows a side view of a Highway Products aluminum truck flatbed with our popular six inch side-boards. See more at

Rope eye-hooks every 24"- standard equipment

Aluminum diamond plate side rails look nice, are light weight, and easy to handle.

This picture shows a tie-down eye on one of Highway Products aluminum flatbeds. See more at

Load control is always a problem with truck flatbeds. With our eye-hooks as standard equipment you can use rope or add a clevis and use the hook style winch-straps for easy, medium duty tie down duty.

Highway Products can build running boards for your truck. Running boards shown have marker lights that show oncoming traffic you are there. They also allow you to see the steps better at night. See more at

Running boards come with or without lights and can be made of shinny, mirror finish stainless steel, diamond plate aluminum, painted steel, or any combination. Shown are stainless steel w/ aluminum diamond plate overlays for better grip. Nice.

Highway Products manfactures aluminum flatbeds for trucks. Shown here are winches used for tie-down. See more options available at

Need heavy duty tie-down equipment. Strap winch's are an easy add-on with our six inch structural channel. Simply drill and bolt. With a welded cross member every 12 inches you can tighten the winch-straps without fear of tweaking the side rails. No rivets to pop or stretch. Pintle hitch also shown.

We can help you pick options you need when you call us. 1 800 TOOLBOX (1 800 866 5269)

Fire fighter hose compartment

Fire fighter hose compartment by Highway Products


Liz demonstrates a trap door in the back of this Strongback™ aluminum truck flatbed to store fire hoses. This unique option could be used for anything 4" high x 20" wide x length of the flatbed. In this case a 9 foot long flatbed gives you an easy 8 foot of storage length.


Fuel Tanks by Highway Products

Need extra range?

Add 50 gallons and more. Double your driving range. Hooks up to your factory system.

Note: The old style "gravity fill" auxiliary tanks cause havoc with the computerized tanks in newer trucks. The gravity feed systems keep the tank full for so long the computer thinks something is wrong and error messages start flying, disabling your fuel gauge. So beware.

Aluminum Fuel tanks built to your spec

Transfer Tanks - Standard and made to order fit your truck and your needs. 3/16 thick aluminum adds puncture resistance with heli-arc seams.


Custom Tool Boxes by Highway Products


Truck tool boxes are our specialty at Highway Products. This one has a stainless steel door. We also custom build our truck tool boxes. See more at

Stainless steel tool box doors - easy to keep clean and look sharp!

Call 1 800 TOOLBOX (1 800 866 5269)

Welded handles on tool boxes

Grab handles

Baskets for tool boxes aluminum

Bonus baskets for PVC fittings, shovels, picks, and other longer tools. Baskets can also be ordered with deeper sides, top or side open doors, with or without locks.

Emergency & Caution light brackets.

Built to fit the light package of your choice.

Light stands for flatbeds

Custom built aluminum by Highway Products

Custom flatbeds - made daily.

Drawers built in to aluminum truck flatbeds

Need drawers? Just tell us how many and what size. Drawers available with 200- 400lb capacity slides.

Work deck for stake bodies

Tail-board has a steel insert with a lowered deck for easier access. Add your pipe vise or use it for a welding table. Replaceable if you wear it out.


Custom deck for gooseneck trailer

Reno Rosser, of Flying "U" Rodeo, uses different trailers every day to haul bulls and horses to rodeo events around the country. Cranking his trailer landing gear up and down was a pain and costing him time. With his suggestion, we took some of the work out by designing a vee in the bed. We call it our "Vee Deck." We also have a cover for the vee area to make the bed flat.

Reno says he likes it.

Lumber stop for aluminum truck cab guard  

Aluminum truck and stake body

Headboards serve as lumber racks. Handy for longer items.


  Aluminum platform body ready to ship

Many of our flatbeds can be shipped via common carrier truck. This 9 foot bed easily ships in one package. The tail board comes pre welded with head board and under bed tool boxes predrilled and ready to bolt together.

We can ship this package to your door or to your favorite up-fitter.

  Installing aluminum truck body

Need Installation? Highway Products is an approved drop-ship facility for most major brand trucks. This means you can have it delivered to us at no extra charge for a factory install. You drive it home or we'll ship to your location.


Highway Products, Inc. is registered with the (USDOT) U.S. Department of Transportation "National Highway Traffic Safety Administration" as a final stage manufacturer.


A few things to know...

When you ask us for a quote on your Highway Products aluminum truck flatbed, we do not include the thickness of the headboard as part of the length of your flatbed.

That's right, if you order a 9 foot flatbed, you can carry something 9 foot long and not hang over the back. Our headboard will add another 5 inches to the total length. Beware, other manufactures quote their flatbed length including the headboard.

Since 1980 Highway Products, Inc. has been a family owned business. Our family and valuable employees depend on your business to make an honest living. You need to know what you're getting and get what you need, when you pay for.

Repeat customers are our biggest asset. We know getting an order from you the second time depends on how well we performed the first time. Our goal, give you that good of product and service to where you will not only buy from us again, but brag about us to your friends.

We highly recommend you call and get a quote immediately. Why? This gives you time to think about it and an edge when it's time to order. Maybe you'll need a different size truck? We'll have all the petty, time consuming stuff out of the way and in our system. Quotes are free and most times given same or next day. When you're ready, your job goes to the floor to be manufactured on schedule, when you need it.

So please don't hesitate pick up the phone and call us for a quote on your next truck flatbed. We can help you decide what works for you, even send you a cover sheet showing what it will look like.

We'll be ready when you are and promise to build the best flatbed you've ever had and, Made in U.S.A.

Our Friendly Sales Staff are Ready to Assist you.
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Cotton Rosser personal truck

Cotton Rosser's Flying "U" Rodeo uses a Custom Strongback™ Truck Flatbed - This is his fifth aluminum truck flatbed from Highway Products, Inc..

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