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"Custom Products for Law Enforcement and Government Agencies for over 30 years" 

SUV Lockup Boxes           
Turn the back of your SUV into a secure storage vault.
Also below, High Explosive Boxes.
For Military,
Sheriffs, D.O.T., FBI, CIA, Law Enforcement, EMS,
Fire, Rescue Vehicles, and Business on the go.

Lockup tool box for SUV

Our best selling Highway Products "LockUp" box is a proven way to protect your valuables in an SUV.

Law enforcement officers use them for easy access to firearms, ammunition, explosives, bullet proof vests, flashlights, and raid gear; as well as for storage of evidence. EMS personnel find them useful for securing drugs and medical supplies— with room for a defibrillator on top. Firefighters find them essential for storing their heavy gear, portable radios, hard hats, fire shelters, Haz Mat, and pre-plan files. Veterinarians use them for drugs and vet supply. These units are tough and versatile. Plus, Their bolted down. Keeps your cargo away from you in case of an accident.

As seen at SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) at the Las Vegas convention center, Homeland Security Today, EMS Product News, Law Enforcement Technology, Light Truck & SUV, Trailer Body Builder, Campus Safety, & Police Beat Magazines.

Built from 100% aluminum.


LOCKUP TOOL BOX FOR SUVs EMS lockup box for the back of suv
Built from 1/8" heavy gauge, corrosion resistant, marine grade aluminum. No wood or rivets in these unique units. They are 100 percent welded with nuts and bolts securing the locks and drawer slides. Our maximum impact drawer slides provide full-extension and are rated to handle up to 400 pounds, fully extended.
suv lock up box for tool and equipment storage suv lockup box for tools and equipment storage

The "Gladiator"

This new "Gladiator" style Lockup Box™ not only sets the pace as the toughest Lockup Box™on the planet, we gave it a rugged face-lift to match. It's available with a new, space saving spare tire saddle if you want it. This works great for the SUV's with the spare tire located below the floor. And of course, available to you in any size you need.

As shown below, add a tray on the top, extra drawers, dividers, carpet, foam, wood, or....

Turn it into a "Command Center" when you need it.


Security is assured by the stainless steel three-point "T-handle" lock. These are the same unbeatable locks we've used on our legendary semi-truck tool boxes for over 30 years. Highway Products storage boxes are used by the FBI, state highway patrols, Sheriffs, Border Patrol, municipal fire companies, providers of emergency medical services, and professional agencies nationwide.

Below, our Silverback™ series of LockUp boxes, as seen in Police Security News. They feature polished aluminum doors. (shown at top of this page) Powder coatings are also available with your choice of color.

truck ammunition boxers
"LockUp" Box without top rails

secure lock boxes
"LockUp" Boxes with 4" top rails are great for bulky quick-use items, or a spare tire that can be bolted down.

Secure tool boxes for law enforcement built by Highway Products. See them at 800toolbox.com




Secure tool boxes for law enforcement built by Highway Products. See them at 800toolbox.com

(Above) Our customer asked for a spray-on bed liner material applied to the outside of his "Lock-Up" boxes. Usually sprayed on at 1/8" thick, it adds a ding resistant, scratch-free, and rugged appearance just like you see in pickup beds. We were so impressed with the look and feel we made it an option for all our "LockUp" boxes. For sure, it will keep your "Lockup" box looking good almost indefinitely.


Highway Products can add drawers, dividers, length, width, height, carpet, or what ever you can dream up. Don't hesitate to ask for something special, we do it all the time.


gun box  
  Aluminum Explosive Boxes and Containers  

lockup boxes for SUV


evidence boxes for SUV

Above and below are custom "lock Up" boxes built for law enforcement explosives units. They have MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) inserts to insulate them from electrical discharges and a heavy gauge 1/8" thick aluminum body to keep your cargo secure. Aluminum being a soft metal is also spark resistant. Add a spray-on bed liner to the outside (as shown above) to your "Lock-up" boxes for even more spark resistance.

Fire and Rescue Boxes for trucks


Same features as above but a smaller box w/ divided compartment. These units are available in any size you need and can be fitted to the explosive material being stored or transported.

weapon boxes for trucks
  Steel Explosive Boxes and Containers  

bomb box

As with all our manufactured products, we have the blue prints for this unit and can either build you this exact one, or change it to meet your needs.


bomb boxes

This custom steel explosive box is lined with half inch plywood on the sides and bottom. We used one inch plywood on the top to shield the lid hinge and fasteners from being exposed as a conductor.

Individually lockable "Tee Handle" locks keep your cargo secure and are also placed behind the plywood shield. These locks can be keyed alike or separately.

We can also add a hasp so you can use pad-locks for even more security.

  Looking for "lockUp" storage tool boxes to fit the trunk of police patrol cars? You found it! This unit shown is made to fit the Crown Vic but we can make them for any size trunk you want. Add organization and one more layer of security to you patrol cars.  

Crown Vic truck security boxes.
Crown Vic truck security boxes.

Add security for your expensive guns, ammo, evidence, raid gear, and.... Keep your equipment organized.
Crown Vic truck security boxes.
Crown Vic truck security boxes.


Need something Special? As you see, we do special too. Our experienced sales staff are ready to handle your requests.

Please, don't put off asking for a quote. One box, 10, or 100. It's free! We don't charge for quotes. Then we will be ready to build your product when you need it.




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