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Fantom™ Tool and Fuel Transfer Tanks

Transfer fuel tanks for pickup trucks built by Highway Products. Take a look.

Tool and Fuel Transfer tank box that the fuel tank is hidden from site by Highway Products. Take a look! Tool and fuel tool box for pickup trucks built by Highway Products. Take a look.


Fuel and tool box build by Highway Products. Take a Look. Fuel and tool box built by Highway Prducts. Holds 75 gallons of diesel fuel and pumps 15 gallons per minute. Take a look!  

For the guy that needs to carry a few tools and doesn't want anyone to know he has 35 - 75 gallons of fuel in the back. This is it.

There's still plenty of room to carry a .029 chainsaw (in a case) and more!

Close the lid and you're on your way, looking like any other tool box. Well almost. You have a Highway Products tool box. The best you can buy.

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Fule storage tanks for Pickup trucks



Also equiped with our Highway Products flatbed, tool boxes, spare tire rack, and "Gladiator" style side rails, this powder coated body has dual tanks to carry different fuels for different equipment, or...


100% Aluminum Diesel Transfer Fuel Tanks
  Just need a transfer tank? We've got the toughest on the market - 3/16 thick Marine Grade Aluminum - Custom sizes - Fuel pumps - Diamond plate finish- Powder coated finish - Mill finish - Poly (bed liner finish) - 100% heli arc welded  
  Tool and Fuel tanks by Highway Products. Take a look!  



This space saving 100 gallon L shaped transfer fuel tank, shown above, not only has stand alone looks, it is built with 100% marine grade aluminum, and 100% heli-arc welded. Our fuel tank welders are hand picked and in-house certified. They must pass a welding test we give them before they are allowed to build fuel tanks at Highway Products. So you get the best of our best with every transfer fuel tank we make.

We use 3/16 thickness Marine grade aluminum for the shell of our tanks. This means, they last. The other guys use 1/8th.This model transfer fuel tank is reinforced with two internal baffles for extra strength which does double duty and also keeps fuel movement to a minimum. Three 2 inch threaded flanges allow you to have a pump and fill your transfer fuel tank from either side of your truck.

  Rock solid and vented fuel filler caps have padlock holes to give you maximum security from theft and proven longevity for the working man.  


Fuel pumps for transfer tanks, 12 volt

fuel tank transfer pumps

We also carry 12 volt electric fuel pumps to compliment our fine auxiliary tanks.

These best in class aluminum GPI fuel pumps work at 15 gallons per minute and will pump a whopping 100 gallons of fuel in 6.6 minutes.

A generous 12 foot hose comes standard and is long enough to get fuel into any piece of equipment or add fuel to the back tank of your pickup truck.

A value added automatic shutoff nozzle keeps you from overfilling your fuel tank and allows you to do other things while transferring fuel.

Low profile and light weight keep the fuel pump from working on the threaded flanges and built in overload protection makes this fuel pump a wise choice for a hard working unit.

Four welded aluminum tabs allow you easy mounting to keep your transfer fuel tank secure from sliding around. Every transfer fuel tank is then pressure tested before final inspection. Not until then do we put our Highway Products nametag on it.


aluminum fuel tanks

We make fuel transfer tanks for service bodies too.

aluminum deisel transfer tanks

12 foot hose so you won't come up short.

transfer tank  

This 40 gallon tank was custom built to fit in one of our Highwayman RV Totters. They wanted extra fuel for exploring areas where there were no gas stations.

John Deere Fuel Tanks - for extra capacity.

  (above) John Deere fuel tank for extra capacity. Built for US Forest Service.


John Deere extra fuel tank

Extra 30 gallons of diesel takes you a long ways in the field.

Bio Fuel tans are custom built to your specs from Highay

Bio diesel Processing Tanks


Bio Fuel tanks can be custom built to your specs from aluminum at Highway

Bio Diesel processing tanks can be custom built from light-weight aluminum to meet your size requirements.

Tank shown was custom built for our customer needing 85 gallons of usable tank. Easy and fast top filling was accomplished with a low profile tank and two removable lids which also make for easy cleaning. Aluminum, being metal also allows unit to be steam-cleaned on occasional total cleanups where plastic cannot.

The tapered bottom section allows water to easily be drained off. Bungs on front and rear of tank are sized for heating elements and several in-out valves. Welded bracket on tank face gives a place to drill and mount gauges, valves, etc. Tank has it's own solid stand which being square, can easily be moved with a hand truck or bolt wheels too. Square tanks are more desirable because of the advantage of a smaller foot print while holding more liquid for the space they take.




Need a custom sized tank? Give us a call.

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