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Crown Vic trunk tool boxes

  Need extra Security?

  Looking for lock-up storage tool boxes to fit the trunk for police cars or law enforcement. You found it!

This unit shown is made to fit the Crown Vic but we can make them for any size trunk you want.


Add security to your expensive guns, ammo, evidence, raid gear, or what ever you want that needs to have extra security. Thieves can get into your trunk faster than you can but they will just give up when they see this.
Police car secure storage trunk tool boxes trunk tool boxes for Crown Vic, Impala, and Charger vehicles
Built with the same tough materials (1/8 inch thick aluminum) we make our semi truck tool boxes with and the same rock solid locks.
locking trunk tool boxes for police, fbi, cia, and law enforcement Take a loolaw enforcement secure storage trunk tool boxesk at our SUV Lockup Boxes for Law Enforcement

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