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My name is Mark Stevenson, I am a general contractor/carpenter and am located in Ontario, Canada. I am also a proud owner of one of your bed slides.In 2008 I purchased  a Gorilla slide, I believe the product is now called a roller coaster.Delivery of the bed slide was within a week to my driveway, well crated. My brother and I easily installed the bed slide in my GMC Sierra 2500, it took approximately 1hour. To this day it still works perfectly and is beyond a doubt  the best truck accessory/tool I have ever purchased.The quality of your bed slide is far better than any others I have seen in southern Ontario. I am regularly asked about your product and am always willing to take the time to demonstrate its ease of operation and pass on your web address. My only regret is that I have taken so long to send you this letter, thankyou for building a quality product and I wish all of you at Highway Products continued success.

All the best from up here in Canada,
Ontario, Canada.



Thanks you for sending me new keys to my toolbox. I appreciate your help and recommend you to everyone that I know of looking at my tool box.

Don S.

July, 2014



I wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for your great service! When I purchased one of your toolboxes from a friend he discovered that he has let the keys to it go with his truck key ring when he traded vehicles. This was almost a deal breaker, but I really liked the box because of its size and heavy duty, quality construction. I called your sales department and the man who helped me, I did not write his name down, unfortunately, was very nice,took my lock number and phone number. The next day he called to say he would have a couple of keys on the way to me the next day. All I can say is OUTSTANDING! Thank you for your commitment to your customers. It means a great deal these days and times to have someone who will get you what you need.

Great job, you have a customer for life......

Sincerely, Bert King, Hattiesburg, MS


Mr. Joe Powell,

I just opened our D/P Alum box! I just had to let you know I am very pleased.  The work you guys did is of the utmost skill resulting in an item that demonstrates quality in every measure.  The heft of the pieces, sturdiness of construction, the clear details, even the high level of polish D/P Alum are testament to your craftsmanship.  On top of all this, the speed with which you expedited my order was impressive.  Thank you for everything.  I predict I will be ordering from you yet again.  Also when I have breakfast tomorrow morning with my gang of OLD Car Guys... Like 20 - 25 of us, and I'm going to show them your work. We're all in the Seattle area and most have similar car trailers, 5th wheels, etc., type rigs.

Joe, we'd like to know who your fabricator was on this as we really want to "THANK HIM" for a great job! Give us his name if you can, or at the very least let him read this E-mail.

I'm going to be so proud of your D/P Alum Box on our Car Trailer Tongue!

Seattle, WA



My new Tool box and Headache Rack arrived yesterday in good condition. I have attached a couple of pictures for your information.
I am completely satisfied with my choice, it looks great!!

Crouch Farms
Casey, Illinois



Dear Jim,

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated working with you and your staff. I received blue prints of my service body just as you said I would. When I got the custom aluminum service body, it fit on perfectly, and was exactly as the prints showed. If everyone in the USA was as good as you guys we would have never heard the word China.

Thank you so much for your help. I think my brother will be buying a flat bed from you too.

Carl Monroe
Alamo, TX

Dear Highway Products,

I've got one of your saddle boxes and the lock on the passenger side had broken after about five years. I had it wired shut to keep it closed. The funny thing that happened to me was, a guy saw me at a Lowes store and asked me why I hadn't gotten the lock fixed. Highway Products warranties them for life. I was almost dumb struck. I had forgotten. Anyway, I called your 800 tool box number and Obie sent me out a new lock the next day at no charge. I want to thank Obie for being so fast about it. He even sent me some new weather stripping. Wow! Thanks Obie and Highway Products. My tool box is as good as new.

Jeb Miles
Morgantown, WV



Dear Highway Products,

You built me a custom 5th wheel style tool box in 1985. I use it for my contracting business and the only problem I have ever had was the gas prop went bad, which you replaced for free. That was seven or eight years ago. I have transferred this tool box to two trucks now and I will probably take it with me to my next truck. I get asked about my tool box all the time and I tell them I got it at Highway Products.

Thanks for building me such a nice box.

Bill Cowger, Oregon

Highway Products,

I have a tool box you built me in 1982. I was traveling through Oregon pulling my 5th wheeler when it was raining like hell. My brand x box was leaking like a sponge and a guy at the truck stop told me about this guy that built the best tool boxes he had ever seen. I got directions from him and after a while found him. I'm sure it was Gene that built my box because he was the only one there at the time. Anyway, I have bought four trucks since then and moved the box every time I got a new truck. I retired this year and sold my truck. I was thinking about keeping it for a safe but the guy that bought my truck insisted the tool box was part of the deal. I'm sure he will be happy with it as I was.

Lee Whitaker
Omaha, NE

Dear Highway Products,

I ordered a tool box from you and it got damaged in freight. I know this was not your fault. Even though your package was very good, you can't stop a forklift from driving through it. Even though this was a custom tool box, you guys built me a new one and I got it the next week. That was fast and if helped me out.

John Brightwell
Reno, NV



I have people coming up to me all the time asking about my 5th wheel tool boxes. I am very proud of my new Dodge with your boxes in it makes traveling a lot easier. Mike Mc Curry, Fredricksburg, Virginia

Hi KC,

I installed the Pickup Pack by myself in approx 1-1/2 hrs. The quality and construction far surpassed my expectations. Finally an American company that is capable of producing a quality product. You can use me as a reference anytime. Thanks again for a phenomenal product.

Rick, Newark, IL

Dear Highway Products,

I have been driving a truck for 30+ years and the one you built me was the best. My boss let me tell you what size I wanted and it worked out perfectly.

George Mason
Neighbors Trucking


Dear KC,

To be totally honest, I think your presentation of the Highway Product name has been great. However, being a country boy; I do not care how well any company presents their product, I think its how well they make their product. So please, let me tell you a story.
Before signing up for your email newsletter, I knew nothing about your company. It was not until an old high school classmate of mine, to whom is a combination between a cowboy and rough neck; bought one of your flatbeds, that I knew what the name Highway Products really meant. Keep in mind that ever since I have known him, he is never easy on anything. He works hard and plays even harder. So when he purchased the flatbed for his diesel truck, I did not expect the flatbed portion to last very long before he would replace it. I knew the flat bed was going to be always abused with trailers, hay bails, cattle feed, etc. I WAS WRONG! To date, the flat bed still looks as good as the day he bought it and with his 2 year old truck already having well over 110,000 miles, mostly continually pulling one trailer after another, the flat bed only shows minor signs of wear and tear.
That's what impressed me about the name Highway Products. Not the company presentation, but rather the durability of the product. So, in return, I myself plan on customizing my own flat bed from you when I purchase my own diesel truck. I am still a few years away; however, with the durability I have seen with your product, I will not forget the name Highway Products Inc.
P.S.- I am always suggesting your company when I hear someone looking to convert what they have to a flatbed vehicle. 


Fifth-wheeling letter from Gary Mattingly!

Dear Mr. Gros,

On Sunday, October 9, 2005, I was helping my son move an old 5th wheel trailer that he had purchased out to the Colorado River near Yuma, Arizona. The landing gear on the trailer wouldn't work and was in the retracted position, so we had to use floor jacks to get the trailer up to hitch level. As I was backing under the hitch, the trailer moved off the jacks and fell onto the bed of the truck with a terrific crash! I just knew that the bed of my truck had been destroyed, and jumped out to look at the damages. To my amazement, there was no damage to the truck! On closer inspection, I could see that the trailer gooseneck had landed on the partner box, saving the bed of my truck. There isn't even a dent in the box and the door opens and closes just like new!

I knew when I first received my 5th wheel box and the partner box in August 2003 that I had purchased a quality product. The events of this weekend have certainly proved this fact to be true! I can't thank you and your employees enough for building such fine quality products! Thank you.

—Gary Mattingly


Dear Trailer Life Magazine,

Once in a while my faith in service to people is restored. In April we had occasion to drop in unannounced on Highway Products Of Medford, Oregon. An advertiser in your magazine. As a result of a slight accident the storage box we had purchased from them years ago had been damaged. The left hand latch had been pulled off the box. Although we had no appointment the service personnel got right to the repair and had us going in a very short time. Not only did they not charge for the repair but they supplied us with a new interior light to up grade our tool box."We stand behind any of our boxes" was the comment of the Service Manager. I would highly recommend Highway Products of Medford, Oregon for their products and for their service.

Sincerely, Phyllis Inghram, California

General Manager-

Highway Products, Inc.


We recently purchased, sight unseen, one of your 30" diamond plate aluminum 5th wheel boxes and let me tell you, we are delighted!!

Further, it was an absolute pleasure dealing with your organization and your fine staff. Leon was most knowledgeable and very helpful. The box was constructed and ready for shipment on the exact day promised. A young lady on your staff called to give me the date of shipment and when we could expect the delivery. Even the young gentleman who drove the Consolidated Freightways delivery truck called from a neighboring city to give us the approximate time he would deliver! And, on top of that I received a follow up letter from Leon promising assistance if we needed it.

This letter is unsolicited and you should feel free to use it any manner you wish. In fact I'm sending a copy to the Editor of the Escapee Newsletter asking that they acknowledge this most pleasant experience in one of their upcoming publications.

Thanks again and I hope you and your staff have a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


Jack W. Thompson, Country Western Line dancing, Sparks Nevada


Dear Highway Products,

I have driven truck for my whole life and I have to say your tool boxes have out lasted any other brands I have tried and I think I have used them all. I have used the same boxes on the last three trucks I've owned. They're tough. Jess Morgan- Houston, Texas


Dear Highway Products,

I don't usually write letters to often but I had to tell you what happened. While driving to visit my brother in St. Louis my 5th wheel trailer came unhooked. The kingpin slid back and hit your partner tool box. It stopped my trailer from coming off and only put a little dent in my tool box. When I got to my brothers house we took a hammer and beat it back into shape. You can hardly tell it now. Thanks for making such a quality product. John Right- Full timer USA .


Dear Highway Products,

Thank you for doing such a nice job on our Highwayman tow body. The extra effort you made to get it out of your production early was real nice of you to do. We made it to my class reunion on time and all my old buddies really liked my truck. James Morrison- South Bend, Indiana

Dear Highway Products,



Dear Highway Products,

I bought one of your pickup cab guards and so far I have had two people follow me home to ask where I got it. I told them to look at the name plate. I get compliments on it all the time from my friends. I was also very impressed with the sales people. They made sure I got the right one to fit my 2003 Ford F-250.


Bob Morton - Phoenix, AZ


To Whom It May Concern

Please accept this letter as my personal reference on behalf of Highway Products, Inc.

Highway Products, Inc. has manufactured both standard and customized tool boxes, equipment boxes, and head boards for our trucks since we have been in business.

They have always lived up to our extremely high expectations and have met all our quality requirements. Not only that, but whenever we demanded service in excess of our standard requirements, Highway Products, Inc. has always come through.

We run a very specialized trucking company with very specialized needs. Highway Products has always managed to come up with new and better ways for us to completed our goals. They have the ability to listen to our needs and then convert that into a quality products that usually exceeds what we want. And always, they back up their product with quality support and service.

I would be happy to expand on the above if needed by calling me direct at 541- 826- 7476. It is always a pleasure doing business with Highway Products, I consider them a partner in my business.


Michael S. Card - President,

Combined Transport, Incorporated


Dear Highway Products, Inc.
I am writing to thank you for the Infinity Time Capsule that we used as part of our building dedication in 1997. The dedication of our new addition to the museum, and the burying of our Infinity Time Capsule, took place March 1, 1997. The capsule is scheduled to be opened March 1, 2057 which is 60 years hence. Two of museums youngest members will be in charge of the opening of the Infinity Time Capsule in 2057. They are Cody Seth Frazier, age two, Taylor Willamette, age nine months. Cody's mother promised, "He probably won't remember what happened today, but we'll remind him".

We included in the Infinity Time Capsule 50 items some of which are: The Independent Newspaper Jan. 7, 1997 flood issue; museum hat; tee-shirt and cup; golf ball from Eagle Point golf course; notes from students of Mrs. Kennedy's class, Glen D. Hale School; visor hat and calendar book from Eagle Thrift Market; library card from Eagle Point Library; small magnet of wood home; photo of Antelope covered bridge; menu from local restaurant; fiber optic cable; a history book; four Eagle Point Historical Society newsletters; Eagle Point Historical Society list of current members; advertisements; deed and land description and photo; signed scroll with names; McDonalds's happy meal box and toy; from the museum collection an old pair of eyeglasses; postage stamps of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe; and the March 9, 1945 Yank Magazine.

We appreciate all of your help in designing the Infinity Time Capsule to our needs. Highway Products, Inc. has allowed us to send a message to future generations and preserve history at the same time.


Barbara Hegne - Eagle Point, Oregon


Dear Highway Products, Inc.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you and all of your staff for making my experience with Highway Products a pleasure. Special thanks for the uncompromising quality that Cody, Paul, Nicki, and Ron put into the manufacture and installation of the tow body on our '03 International. Thanks to Dan, "Cole", for his hospitality and professional handling of the purchase. The response of people viewing the completed truck had been very positive. We look forward to doing business with Highway Products in the future.

Brad R. Smith, President Peninsula Fleet Services


To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we at Pacific Power have been buying your boxes since 1980. We are very happy with the quality of the work put into each of the boxes we have purchased. The latches are superior, the boxes don't leak, and the "stainless steel" hinges you install are the only way to go for a lifetime of dependable, trouble free hinges.

Thank you again for putting out a superior product that we are proud to recommend to anyone interested in purchasing quality boxes.


Chuck Strictland, Garage Foreman, Pacific Power


To Whom It May Concern:

We have been purchasing Highway Products equipment for our fleet and are quite satisfied with them.

Highway Products builds their products with an eye on quality and backs them with an excellent warranty.

The crew at Highway Products has been very accommodating and do their best to help us when we are pressed by time constraints or need a custom job.

I would recommend them for consideration as a vendor for your truck accessories


Scott Kimmons, Maintenance Manager - TP Trucking, Incorporated


Dear Mr. Gros

It was a pleasure meeting you last month and receiving a tour of your new plant.

However, my main reason for writing is to let you know what a great group of people you have in your employ. From the office staff who are always helpful and wonderful to talk to on the phone to the mechanics in the plant and of course, Dan Colecleaser.

When I first called Dan from Arizona and explained the problem, he was most helpful and let me know that I was welcome to visit Central Point at any time. Dan found the problem in the hitch within five minutes of our arrival, replaced the hitch an had us on the road in two hours. That is "service" and customer appreciation.

Actually, I'm not surprised because Highway Products has been extraordinary to deal with from the beginning By the way, you will be happy to know that folks still walk by the truck. very slowly, giving the "once-over" almost every day. You make a quality product and people know it when they see it.

Again, thanks for all your help.

Sincerely yours,

William L. Onderdonk, Rexburg, ID


Dear Chuck,

We received our custom made boxes on Friday, March 24, 2000. We opened them this morning and were greatly surprised!

The quality and workmanship of these boxes is the best I've ever seen. I wanted to send this letter, to all the people who signed the enclosed note, to say it is a pleasure to see American craftsman making a quality product. Thank you


Tom Salvati, Shop Manager - Island Pump & Tank


To Whom It May Concern,

Hi, my name is Frank Curtis and I want to tell you about my experience with "Highway Products, Inc.

When I first started to use the product I was a truck driver for combined Transport. They were very convenient and easy to use. After using them for many years with Combined Transport I then began to use them for my own personal use. Highway Products customized a box for my personal pickup truck. I am very satisfied with the service they have provided me with. They stand behind their word and their warranty. One of my customized boxes was damaged, Highway Products not only replaced the entire customized box for my pickup truck, but they didn't charge me a thing. They re-customized a whole new box for my pickup truck at no cost to me at all.

Highway Products listens to your wants and needs out of a customized box and helps you with getting what you want out of them.They are great in customizing boxes to fit your needs.

I am very satisfied customer and will continue to go through Highway Products for all my customized needs. I would recommend Highway Products to anyone who needs a customized box.

Thanks again Highway Products, Inc. for making my life a lot easier,

Frank Curtis, Lebanon, Oregon

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