Purpose Built 5th Wheel Tool Boxes

Highway Products 5th Wheel Tool Boxes are Purpose Built not to cause damage to your 5th wheel trailer during jack-knife situations with maximum storage.

Sheriff's, Troopers, Fire Departments, and Contractors also love this low-profile storage box which gives them an unliminted and safer rear view.


 What our customers say about Highway Products 5th wheel tool boxes.

I've had your 5th wheel box since my truck was brand new. It's
a 1999 and it still looks and works great, love it. Ron.


Trailer Life magazine said, "It's really refreshing to find a product so well designed and carefully made in the U.S.A."


As seen at SEMA at the Las Vegas convention center, Trailer Life, Highways, Toy and Hauler Business, Toy Hauler Magazine, CamperWays, & Trailer Body Builder magazines.




  By now you've found out storage is a problem when going 5th Wheeling. There's lots of stuff you don't want to carry in your brand new home on wheels. Oil, lawn chairs, golf clubs are just a few. We developed the "Partner Box" at the request of a 5th wheeler back in the early 80's and they have been a favorit of many. Read on for more...  








Fifth wheel tool boxes built by Highway Products are designed to clear your trailer overhang in sharp turns.

Organize Your Tools

Highway Products started building specialized 5th wheel tool boxes back in 1980. They provide storage of tools, parts, supplies and recreational equipment for a special breed: People who travel.





Highway Products builds and sells specialized tool boxes for fifth wheel trailer pullers.
How are these boxes specialized?

The "5th wheel box" is flush-mounted with the bed-rails of your pickup truck. Allowing the front over-hang of your 5th wheel trailer (the part that hangs over your pickup bed) to swing freely without hitting the tool box during sharp turns.

The shorter "Partner" box, positioned at the tailgate, leaves plenty of clearance for your 5th wheel trailer king pin. You get easy access to the box contents even when your trailer is hooked up and utilize valuable wasted space.  


It's inedible. You're going to get caught in a Jack-knife situation.

This can happen while backing into a tight spot at a campground or pulling out of a gas station.

When you turn sharply to maneuver your trailer, the front corner of the trailer over-hang also turns to where it swings over the front half of your pickup bed. Add a dip in the road (often seen at gas stations and RV Parks) and the front of the trailer dips too.

If there is a tool box, spare tire or anything else sitting above the pickup's bed-rail, there's a possibility of the trailer hitting it, causing expensive damage to your trailer.


And why is it that a dozen people will just happen to be watching as you try to get out of this embarrassing situation?


Aluminum 5th Wheel tool boxes built by Highway Products.


Fifth wheel trailer manufactures design the trailer overhang to where it will not hit your truck bed.
Our best selling 5th wheel box sits flush with your bed-rails to stay within those same limits.


You will Love the

Partner Box

Want a place to keep your golf clubs, water hose, leveling blocks, shovel, and other hand tools. Add our Partner Box™ to your travel system!


Fifth wheel tool boxes built just for the 5th wheel puller built by Highway Proudcts

Our pioneered Partner™ box (located at the tailgate) is also a favorite among fifth wheelers. That's because it gives you more valuable space to put cargo and is low enough that it can also be opened even when the trailer is hooked up!

The Partner™ box is a handy place to keep your jumper cables, extra motor oil, chock blocks, and tools. It optimizes the space at the rear of the bed that is usually empty, and it's lockable. You'll be glad to have a little more secure storage once you hit the road. Oh, did we mention golf clubs? The Partner™ box is great for golf clubs and easy to get to.

Most of our customers take their tailgates off and leave them at home. This gives you maximum access to the Partner™ box and eliminates the need for an expensive 5th wheel tail gate. This also eliminates one step of having to drop or lift your tailgate when hooking up to your trailer. The Partner™ box is low enough to where your king pin glides over it when hooking up.

Warning: The ladies usually try to take over the "Partner" box because of its easy access.


Fifth wheel tool boxes built just for the 5th wheel puller built by Highway Proudcts

  All aluminum lift-out tray with movable dividers. These trays are designed to lift out of the box with ease so you can access your cargo underneath the tray or carry the tray containing your tools to where you need them. There's no cheap plastic to crack or wilt here. Plus our trays have a convenient carry handle to make it even easier.

Fifth wheel tool boxes built just for the 5th wheel puller built by Highway Proudcts

Fifth wheel tool boxes built just for the 5th wheel puller built by Highway Proudcts

5th Wheel tool box combo cab guard w/ LED lights. Some of us use our trucks for other things than just pulling our 5th wheel trailers. A headache rack can save you a lot of grief from a broken rear window. Plus, it's a great way to carry your lumber, ladders, or longer items. You can see more headache racks on our headache rack web page.


Fifth wheel tool boxes built just for the 5th wheel puller built by Highway Proudcts

This view shows you can hook up to your 5th wheel trailer without hitting your Partner™ tool box.

Fifth wheel tool boxes built just for the 5th wheel puller built by Highway Proudcts
Fifth Wheel Box (diamond plate)

Fifth wheel tool boxes built just for the 5th wheel puller built by Highway Proudcts
Fifth Wheel Partner™ Box


Dear Highway Products,

On Sunday, October 9, 2005, I was helping my son move an old 5th wheel trailer that he had purchased out to the Colorado River near Yuma, Arizona. The landing gear on the trailer wouldn't work and was in the retracted position, so we had to use floor jacks to get the trailer up to hitch level.

As I was backing under the hitch, the trailer moved off the jacks and fell onto the bed of the truck with a terrific crash! I knew the bed of my truck had been destroyed, and jumped out to look at the damages.

To my amazement, there was no damage to the truck! On closer inspection, I could see the trailer gooseneck had landed on the Highway Products Partner box, saving the bed of my truck. There isn't even a dent in the box and the door opens and closes just like new!

I knew when I first received my 5th wheel box and the partner box in August 2003 that I had purchased a quality product. The events of this weekend have certainly proved this fact to be true! I can't thank you and your employees enough for building such fine quality products! Thank you.

Gary Mattingly


With testimonials like Gary Mattingly's, you can see why we can give Lifetime Warranty's

Fifth wheel pullers are not the only ones using these versatile truck tool boxes. Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Contractors, and Home Owners alike have been buying them for 30 years. Lots of people just don't want their tool box sitting on the bed of their truck and obstructing the rear view. Plus, a single lid opening allows you to carry longer items, carry more, and get to your cargo easier.

Jackson County Sherriff's use Highway Products tool boxes in their patrol trucks as a trunk to carry their equipment.

New! The Silverback™ polished aluminum front Fifth Wheel Box

Fifth wheel tool boxes built just for the 5th wheel puller built by Highway Proudcts

For the guys that want their pickup to shine. We offer a polished 5th wheel tool box face. Same features as our standard models. The single lid of these boxes opens wide for maximum access.You then have total access to the contents of the entire box: your golf clubs, lawn chairs, shovel, fishing rods, etc.

These truck boxes have been tested under the most challenging on and off-road conditions in America.

Fifth wheel tool boxes built just for the 5th wheel puller built by Highway Proudcts Removable tool tray makes it possible to customize the way the box is organized. Move it from side to side, and even lift it out! Take your tools and parts where they're needed. No plastic here. These are durable, hard-working aluminum trays with adjustable dividers. Need your tools at the back of your trailer? Just pull the tray out and take it with you! Got lots of small parts to carry? You can add another tray if you like.

 What our customers say about Highway Products 5th wheel tool boxes.

Dear Dan,

I got my tool boxes yesterday and they are everything that I thought that they would be. I am installing them in my truck this Friday. I am going to get my wife to go out west to sight see and we will stop by to see you all there in Oregon. Thanks Again 7/27/2011

George Brooks


Fifth wheel tool boxes built just for the 5th wheel puller built by Highway Proudcts

When traveling, guarding against the weather is not an option. You must have weather tight storage. If you look inside the Highway Products 5th wheel box, you'll see we use a high grade of Clean Seal® automotive weather proofing gasket. We've been using this gasket and the same manufacture for almost 30 years. It works good, it stays on, and it lasts.

A nitrogen filled gas spring is precisely placed in an over-center position to where it will hold the lid down until you pull the lid about two inches up. This feature will keep the lid closed even if you didn't lock it when it's closed.

Once it reaches the two inch point, the over-center reaction opens the lid the rest of the way and keeps it open until you're ready to close it.

Tough, Durable and Secure. Made of Heavy Gauge™ marine grade aluminum. The thickest used in the industry. Continuous full-length piano-style hinge. Semi-truck-tough "T-handle" Hansen® stainless steel locks.

Many of our customers feel better about locking their valuables in their Highway Products Inc. 5th wheel box than in the cabs of their pickups. Out of sight, out of mind.

Fifth wheel tool boxes built just for the 5th wheel puller built by Highway Proudcts

Made in USA by Highway Products   Lifetime Warranty

All pickup toolboxes are covered by our Lifetime Warranty and made in the U.S.A. 30 day money back Guarantee.


RV Totters for F-450 and F-550 Ford trucks pulling 5th wheel trailers from Highway Products.

Highwayman" RV Tow Bodies or RV Totters Click here to see our "Highwayman" page.


Highway Products also manufactures RV Tow Bodies. (pictured left) For those pulling the larger fifth wheel trailers, some need a two ton or bigger truck to be legal on the highway. The larger trucks usually don't come with a bed or the bed that does come with it is very simple and not made for serious RV'ers that spend a lot of time on the road.

Take a look at our "Highwayman" RV Tow Body if you're thinking of getting into a bigger unit. They have tons of storage space and although used by many, were originally built just of the RV'er.

Made in the USA is not just a buzz word here at Highway Products.
We guarantee it!

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