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     Efficient storage for contractor and service vehicles

Our high side and low side truck tool boxes are "contractor grade".

And of course, covered by our

Lifetime Warranty!

High Side and Low Side Truck Tool boxes         

Gives you extra storage loosing minimal bed space.

What makes us different?

(1) The shell of our tool boxes are made from heavy gauge 1/8" thick marine grade aluminum with a .100 lid. The average tool box on the market is only half as thick, .063, which is almost paper thin. They have to fold or hem the edges to hide the skimpy material thickness. At Highway Products, we refuse to give our customers anything less than the best and why we stand out from the crowd.

(2) Our T-handle locks and continuous hinge are the same style we use on our legendary semi truck tool boxes. Stainless steel and extra tough. No plastic push-buttons here. No skimping!

(3) Weather stripping can really make the deference between a poorly made tool box and a great one. That's why we use an automotive "A" grade neoprene weather stripping. We' ve used the same manufacturer of weather stripping for over 25 years.

(4) Customizeable - Have us build your boxes to fit you, your truck, your tools, your needs! You're spending hard earned cash to for a reason. Spend it on value that pays you a return in organization savings every time you use it; with a lifetime warranty to boot!

(5) The more you use your tool box, the more important the design becomes. Our tapered lid design low side boxes give you a low entry access without sacrificing usable space in your tool box. With the trucks getting higher off the ground these days, this is a feature you will not want to overlook.

(6) Trays lift out of the tool box. A feature you'll get used to very quickly when you need to take your tools or parts to the job. You won't find this anywhere else. Available in all boxes! We like.

(7) You get the benefit of our experience of over 30 years experience building tool boxes. It seems that no matter how much engineering you put into a product it doesn't always cover the different stresses received from the guy's using it. So, over the years we' ve re-engineered and adjusted every time we found a problem.


High Side Tool box (diamond plate finish)


Truck tool boxes with drawers by Highay Products. Add drawers to our High Side boxes to give you a designated place for certain tools. If you look closely, you'll see different sized drawers in the picture (left) Some tools are larger than others and need a bigger drawer. You tell us what size you need, we'll put them in. You may even want to pick different sizes for each side of your truck. This is called - organization- to the max.


Low Side Tool box with lift-out aluminum tool tray




Another reason why we can offer a "Lifetime Warranty" on our products.

These tool boxes provide easy access to hand-held saws, power drills, tool belts, hammers and other tools, parts and supplies, while keeping the bed of the truck clear for lumber, sheets of plywood or other cargo.

The low side tool box comes with a durable aluminum removable tool tray with movable dividers. Need to take a select assortment of tools to where you're working? Just lift out the tray and start walking. Taking the tray out or moving the tray from side to side also allows you to better organize and access the contents of the box. This is an option on high side boxes but still available.

Remember, you are going to be working out of these tool boxes for years. Just like your other tools, get good ones.




Silverback™ High Side Box with a mirrored finish. We also have powder coating in various colors.

All pickup tool boxes are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

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