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Looking for a Boat Dock Box that will outlast your dock!

Boat dock box

Made from Aluminum! No Plastic! No Fiberglass!


Highway Products builds them using 1/8th inch thick Marine Grade Aluminum, Stainless Steel Semi Truck tough Locks, bullet proof continuous hinge, and a rugged Powder-Coat finish!


Many sizes to choose from or ask for a special size to fit your boat dock. Got a special feature you need? No problem. We do this every day.

Patrick is loading up his new rod locker dock box built to his specifications. He got what works for him. You can too!

dock boxes for sale


12+ Great Reasons to Buy an All Aluminum Dock Box from Highway Products



















































Boat dock box   #1 Storage: Keep your needed items close to the boat so you don't have to pack them down to the boat dock every time you want to go for a ride. Note: We recommend you lay out all the items to keep in your dock box and measure as best you can the size you'll need. Lawn chairs might be the biggest item you stow. So make a list and check it twice!
Boat dock box   #2 Security: We've used these same stainless steel Tee-locks since 1980 on our semi-truck tool and storage boxes. Semi truck accessories by Highway Products They've held up to the riggers of salted roads and abuse only truckers can give. Below you'll see our keys are the double-cut style for extra security and will work either way you put them in. (No fumbling with keys in the dark) Beside it shows our three point lock system. Note: We determine which lock system works best at the factory by the size of dock box. Single, double, or three point lock system. Locking hasps for pad locks available too.
Dock box double-cut security keys by Highway Products .  
Boat dock box locking system by Highway Products.
  #3 Weather tight: The over-hang style flange on our dock box lids is probably the oldest style of box or chest there is. This simple design is ideal for dock boxes and has stood the tests of many storms. Add our automotive grade weather striping and you have a seal you can count on to keep you valuables dry and last for many years. Boat dock box



Boat dock box   #4 Made of Aluminum: This is one of the strongest strength to weight materials ever made. We use a generous 1/8th inch thick aluminum in a 5052H32 marine grade alloy that resists salt and will last for a hundred years. Airplanes, cars, boats, trucks, trailers are just a few products aluminum works best for. Our dock boxes are also light weight so you could easily unbolt and carry them to high ground before a hurricane carries your boat dock away.
Stainless Steel hinge used for Highway Products boat dock boxes.
#5 Stainless Steel Continuous Hinge: If there's one place we overkill, it's the hinge. How often have you seen a box or chest with a failed hinge. Not here, it's the hinge. We use a full length 304 stainless steel hinge that will never rust or let you down.
Boat dock box
Boat dock boxes made from aluminum   #6 Stainless Steel Fasteners: You've seen boxes of all kinds still in good shape except the rivets have popped off. We use 1/4 inch stainless steel screws you can bet on.
  #7 Powder Coat: We've all owned products with powder coatings and already know they are tough. Powder coat is a baked on finish that seeps into the pores of the aluminum and bonds at 400 degrees F. This smooth but rugged coating looks good on your boat dock and adds even more protection to the the aluminum, and resists stains .  
  #8 Tote trays: We put these handy aluminum trays in almost every dock box we make. They're great for small items you use down at the boat dock like suntan lotion, wax, soap, cleaning materials, bug spray, and tools. Plus, you can carry them around.

They easily lift out for full access to your larger cargo like tackle boxes, life jackets, chairs, extension cords, night lights, rope....

  #9 Custom sizes: We have many sizes available for you to choose from and always have more coming. But if you need a special size to fit your needs, we can easily accommodate you. Just call and ask one of our sales staff to give you a quote! 1 800 866 5269  
Boat dock boxes made from aluminum   Boat dock boxes made from aluminum


Boat dock boxes made from aluminum   #10 Mounting System: We weld a 1/4 inch reinforced aluminum mounting bracket to the sides of our dock boxes to ensure a strong and water-tight mount.

  #11 Door Props: We give you a choice of chains or gas charged door props for your dock box. The advantage of chains is the door opening is bigger, easier to get your cargo out, and chains last forever. However, a gust of wind may blow the door closed at times.

The gas charged door props are great for wind as they just flex a little, then return to the open position. Plus, being charged with inert gas, they assist in opening the lid. Nice for the bigger boxes but aluminum is very lightweight and even the bigger lids are not hard to open. Gas springs don't last forever, ten years is average. Not a problem though. Our lifetime warranty covers them! So all you do is call us for an new one. We like the gas props ourselves.
Gas springs are great for Highway Products dock boxes because wind doesn't close them.   Highway Products boat dock box with chains to hold door open.


Boat dock boxes made from aluminum - Made in America  
#12 Lifetime Simple "We've Got Your Back" Warranty: We have a simple warranty that says, if your product fails due to our fault, we fix or replace it. You don't need a receipt and you're not required to register our product.
We just take care of it!

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Standard Sizes

18x18x36 - 48 - 60 inches

24x24x36 - 48 - 60 inches

Rod locker

96 long x 30 high x 20 deep

96 long x 30 high x 24 deep

Lawn Chair Plus

60 long x 24 high x 30 deep2

Boat Dock Boxes   Considering a custom size or custom features built in just for you and your boat dock? We will gladly customize to your spec and send you a preliminary print to look at, maybe make changes, and sign off on before we build it. Free of charge! Fiberglass and plastic are built on molds - can't be changed.


Boat dock boxes made from aluminum  

Boat dock boxes made from aluminum

Handy removable tray

Lawn Chair Plus Model
Boat dock boxes made from aluminum   Boat dock boxes made from aluminum
Boat dock boxes made from aluminum by Highway Products  

Boat dock boxes made from aluminum by Highway Products

We've even seen them filled with ice and used as a giant cooler.

Boat dock boxes made from aluminum by Highway Products

At 24" tall, this dock box makes for a nice table.


Boat dock boxes made from aluminum by Highway Products

Lightweight aluminum makes opening a large dock box a cinch.

Boat dock boxes made from aluminum by Highway Products   Boat dock boxes made from aluminum by Highway Products
Debby locking up for the night.
  Tee handle easily secures your valuables
Dock box by Highway Products with tie-down eyes for a seat pad.   Boat dock box with extra reinforcing for seat by Highway Products.
  This customer requested us to weld our tie-down eyes on the lid so he could have a place to strap a seat pad. He also asked us to add reinforcing to the lid bottom. No problem.  


Boat dock boxes made from aluminum by Highway Products   Aluminum bow eyes welded to all four corners give you another place to tie up your boat or use a cable lock and secure your bicycle to the box.
Fiberglass boxes don't hold up  
Remember us talking about the failed hinge. Highway Products dock boxes don't have this problem. Plastic and fiberglass dock boxes just don't hold up.
    Highway Products shop. Assembly area.
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