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ATV Tool Boxes


Four Wheelers, ATV, UTV, Polaris, Rhino, Honda, Yamaha, Artic Cat.
We build Tool Boxes for all the above.


Built to use with just about any kind of machine you can put it on the ATV box gives you a lockable trunk that holds a lot of stuff.

Here's a Few Reasons Why You Should Consider A Highway Products Tool Box for Your ATV - UTV.
No Plastic to crack or wither away after a couple seasons of use. Sun kills plastic. Aluminum loves the sun.
Lockable Security you can depend on when you leave your machine to go exploring, hunting, or in a resturant. (Same security locks We Use on Semi-Truck boxes)
Tough enough to sit on, stand on, jump on, or tie firewood on for camp.
Lightweight Aluminum 1/8 in thick withstands Semi-Truck beatings.
Looks good and a place to keep your winch rope, ammo, guns, dog food, and tools..
Tie-down Bars for that deer you harvest or for your partner to hold on to while sitting on it.
Customizable to your machine and needs with tie-downs, colors, size, and...

Here's another reason to think about.

When you've worn out that machine, you take the Highway Box off and put it on the next one. Even if it doesn't fit, you'll have a treasure chest that will last for a lifetime. In fact, we give you a Lifetime Warranty. Anchor it to a wall or the floor in your closet or garage and have a Security Safe for your guns, ammo, papers, jewelery, and...



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Carry your hunting gear, lunch, decoys, flash lights, helmets.
Lock it up when you go into the woods.


Carry feed to your cattle or hunting areas.


Chuck demonstrates how he carries his chainsaw with a 24 inch bar in the back of his Polaris™ Razor with fuel.


With the handle bars on top of the ATV Box you can tie more cargo down. A couple more bags of feed, an animal you harvest, etc.





Polaris Rasor tool box

Make your ATV - UTV complete with a lockable security box you design to meet your needs that fits your machine.


Polaris ATV tool box

Our customer ordered this tool box just for his guns. He keeps them in a soft-case for travel, then has his soft-case for camp. It's made of rugged diamond plate aluminum with the same security Tee-Lock we use on our semi truck tool boxes.


• You pick the size. Figure what you need.
• Measure - call for a quote. Order.
• We're ready when you are.


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