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Lumber racks for pickups

Lightweight Aluminum Lumber and Ladder Racks Work Hard -
Look Great!

Pickup truck ladder racks

Highway Products builds lumber racks to fit your truck and your lifestyle. Please call to order lumber racks.

This picture shows a set of tool boxes boasting stainless steel doors to show off his truck. Lockable tool boxes are especially a popular addition to our lumber racks because they give you "hard to get" storage and security. Plus, we also make the best tool boxes on the planet! Since 1980
"Our Boxes Are Tighter"®

pickup truck ladder racks


This lumber rack is also highlighted with custom made tool boxes. Our customer needed extra room for tools and equipment without sacrificing bed space.


pickup truck lumber racks

Lockable storage, can't get enough. More than likely you're putting a truck together you want to be efficient, last a long time, and of course, look good too.
When we build a lumber rack just for you, it allows us to build a package that fits you; carries what you need to carry, and as you can see, looks great!.

  Lumber rack built by Highway Products for an aluminum truck flatbed with tool boxes to also keep your tool secure. This is a great contractor set-up. Take a look at our web site for more at

(Left) This flatbed, lumber rack, and tool box combination is our most popular design for contractors. Lots of lockable storage to keep expensive tools secure while keeping most of the bed clear to carry larger items. Load the rack up with longer items like pipe, 2x4's, plywood, sheet rock, or .....

If you only need a ladder or lumber rack, that's what we'll build you. We just wanted you to see what can be done.

Highway Products

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