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Shop Supervisor, Aluminum Boat and Toolbox Welders (4), Boat Rigger (2), Truck Body Installer, Drafting engineer (Solid Works), and Assembly Mechanic.

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"Take a look at our generous "Benefits Package" at bottom of this page!


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Benefits Package

Benefits update effective January 1st, 2015: “Employees are eligible for benefits on the first day of the month following 60 days of employment when they are employed 30 or more hours per week.”



Highway Products, Inc. is a growing company with a "nonstop" attitude.


With this in mind we are continually looking for new staff. We offer a rewarding career in the form of time off, good pay, great benefits, advancement opportunities, and a chance to become a long-term member of our family.

All applications are confidential. Sign up for our email alert and we'll let you know when a career opportunity is available. 7905 Agate Road, White City, Oregon 97503

Take a look at our benefits package:

1) 5 paid holidays – New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

2) Employee health insurance – Employee pays NO premium, FREE.

Office Visits $25, $2,500 Deductible, CIGNA PPO National Network, Prescription Benefits as low as $10, Chiropractic / Acupuncture Care $25, Mental Health Visits $25. Out of Pocket max per calendar year $6,350

3) Employee family health insurance – Highway Products, Inc. pays 50% of the dependent premium.
Office Visits $25, $2,500 Deductible, CIGNA PPO National Network, Prescription Benefits as low as $10, Chiropractic / Acupuncture Care $25, Mental Health Visits $25.

4) Dental Insurance – Highway Products, Inc. pays ½ of employee and family premium. Dental Exams covered at 100% twice per year. $1,000 max benefit.

5) Section 125 Cafeteria Plan – Pay for medical expenses for you and your family with pre-taxed dollars. Pay for Dependent care (childcare) expenses with pre-taxed dollars. A voluntary benefit.

6) Vacation Benefits – one weeks’ vacation after 1 year, two weeks’ vacation after 3 years.

7) 401k – Highway Products, Inc. pays up to 3% of your matching gross income annually. 401k benefits available after 1000 hours or 12 months employment.

8) $25,000 Group Term Life Insurance Policy & $25,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment. We hope you don't need this benefit, but if you die of natural causes $25,000 would be crucial to expenses for your family when income stops. If you die in an accident, then the benefit is $50,000.

9) One hour off for your birthday. Get a one-hour head start on your family vacation to see gram ma, or......Take it when you need it.

10) Free checking account at Washington Federal Bank with "Paycheck Direct Deposit" on payday. Direct deposit puts you paycheck in the bank automatically before noon on payday. Set up auto-pay for your bills, go home after work instead of a mad dash to the bank. Makes life a little easier.

11) 4 day work week – 10 hour work days – This gives you 52 extra days off each year and three day weekends. This can turn into a four day weekend sometimes. Example: Thanksgiving lands on Thursday which is a paid holiday, you get Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off anyway. (Note: Some positions do require a five day work week)

12) Overtime - We offer overtime as often as we can rather than hire new employees, giving you the opportunity to make extra bucks to take your family on a vacation to Grandma's, a new ride, or....

(Disclaimer: Dear employee or potential employee of Highway Products. We try to keep the above benefits as accurate as possible, but not being insurance agents or attorneys, we do not guarantee accuracy and reserve the right to change these benefits at any time without notice. Our goal is to provide great benefits for our valueable staff to make their lives better and Highway Products a great place to work. As well, we want to help our potential new hires make intelligent decisions for their future. If you are an employee or looking to come to work for HPI and don't understand any of our benefits, please call our toll free line to get your questions answered. We will help you find answers or phone numbers for our insurance carrier’s agents for accurate answers.)

Highway Products Inc. opened its doors in Southern Oregon in 1980 and is a family-owned business. With our national exposure we tend not to be seasonal, which means that we have few layoffs. Steady work pays the bills, on time.

Highway Products Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does pre-employment and random drug testing.

"We pay special attention to make sure you will enjoy working for Highway Products, Inc. because a great staff is critical to our successful business."
Gene Gros—President

Don't forget about the 3-day weekends with your family!

Need an after hours appointment? Just ask. All applications are strictly confidential.

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